Art of the Horse

The Art of the Horse field trip program provides fourth and fifth grade students with an exploration of the horse and its role in various cultures, and uses the horse as the subject of a hands-on lesson in figure drawing and, in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Horse, a Chinese scroll painting.  In recent years, the adoption of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standards has presented classroom teachers and other educators with the challenge of devising multi-disciplinary and effective learning activities to address them.  The Art of the Horse incorporates a unique and exciting combination of activities that will address VAPA Component Strand 1.0, Artistic Perception; Strand 2.0, Creative Expression; and Strand 3.0 Historical and Cultural Context for grades four and five.

Beginning with a tour of the Rose Bowl Riders stables, the students are introduced to the resident horses, including an overview of different breeds and a discussion of the horse’s role in different cultures throughout history.  While watching RBRCO volunteers ride their horses, the students will observe and discuss the movements of the horses, and the changing lines and shapes in the horses’ anatomy as they move.  A hands-on art lesson given by a professional artist and instructor will begin with students viewing and responding to the International Child Art Collection featuring horses, on loan to Rose Bowl Riders from Barnsdall Arts and on exhibit in the Rose Bowl Riders’ Clubhouse.  Included in the collection is a large scroll painting of a landscape filled with rearing, galloping and cavorting horses, rendered beautifully by a young Chinese artist.  Using a live horse as a model, the students will next learn basic techniques in figure drawing and create their own Chinese scroll painting of a horse.  The Art of the Horse has been offered at Rose Bowl Riders over the last five years, serving youth from PUSD, Day One, City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation, Pasadena YMCA and YWCA, and Ronald McDonald House with excellent reviews from teachers and youth group leaders.

Our target audience is underserved school children in grades four and five from PUSD, community centers, youth clubs and group homes.  Despite living in close proximity to the mountains and open space areas like Hahamongna Watershed Park, many of these children have little experience in the out-of-doors, or with a large animals like horses.  The outdoor setting of Rose Bowl Riders, and these beautiful animals serve as a “hook” to get the children excited about learning.

Lead instructor: Patty Sue Jones, professional artist.

Curriculum advisor: Sue Lafferty, retired director of education at the Huntington Library.

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