Equine Emergency Preparedness

A MUST READ – What do I do with my horse in an emergency?

  • In an emergency situation your normally well-behaved horse may become nervous, hard to handle and less likely to respect you. For both your safety, it’s a good idea to have and know how to use a stud chain. Here are some video tutorials:

Stud chain – over the nose                       Stud chain – over the lip

  • Practice getting your horse in and out of a trailer frequently. Especially if you know your horse has issues loading.
  • Compile all pertinent info related to your horse and keep in an easy to access location. Some info to include would be: Name, photos of markings, registry info, insurance info, vet/farrier info, feed, supplements/medications, brief medical history including vaccination records, brief behavioral history (like whether your horse gets along with others, is dominant/submissive, etc.)

More info coming soon!