Riding Lessons & Training



Scouting Badges & Projects

Pasadena Girl Scout Troop 493 has installed bird nesting boxes around the grounds as part of their Bronze Award project. The nesting boxes were hand-built by the girls specifically for the population of Western Bluebirds that frequent Rose Bowl Riders, and for the Oak Titmouse, common to Southern California oak forests. Both are cavity-nesters. After installing the nesting boxes, the girls re-landscaped the area immediately surrounding the nesting boxes with California native grasses and spring wildflowers, to provide nesting material and food for the Bluebirds and Titmice. The girls monitor the boxes as the birds begin nesting each January.

Local Junior Girl Scouts can earn their Horse Fan and Horse Rider badges at Rose Bowl Riders. Please contact us if your troop is interested in earning their badges.


Our members participate in local parades such as the La Cañada Memorial Day Parade, the Altadena Old-Fashioned Days Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade. We take horses to local community events for children to sit on and people to pet, such as at Pasadena’s La Pintoresca Park Family Festival, and District 3 Council-member Chris Holden’s annual Block Party. Rose Bowl Rider’s members and horses have also been present at the Blessing of the Animals in Olvera Street for many years, and have served as drawing models at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens and for students of Pasadena City College.

Horse Shows & Training Clinics

Rose Bowl Riders annual show schedule includes one in winter, spring and summer. Shows are professionally judged and geared towards learning and enjoyment for riders and horses new to the show ring. The fun atmosphere and classes attract riders from all over Southern California.

We also host many clinics in multiple disciplines with guest trainers throughout the year. Past clinicians include Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Jenna Wyatt, Bill & Kim Ortamond, Lisa Kursinski, Linda Horrell, Pat Mitchell, Maurice Thibault and Susan Nelson.

All horse shows and clinics are open to the public for participation and viewing.

Vet Clinics

Rose Bowl Riders hosts spring and fall vaccination clinics and follow-up clinics with Dr. Michael Peralez DVM and Dr. Lindsay Brown DVM as well as specialty clinics throughout the year. Recently we’ve had a “Bandaging and Equine First Aid” clinic with Dr. Heather Larson DVM and an “Eye Exam” clinic with Dr. Allison Hoffman DVM of Eye Care for Animals.


Horsemanship 101 – Do you love horses and want to learn more about them? We offer a four-lesson course that will teach you about the nature and habits of horses including their diet, safety, health, handling, and care. You’ll learn how to brush, groom, bridle, saddle, lead, and care for a horse. In this class you will be working hands-on with horses! The class is for children ages 6 to 14 and space is limited to six participants per session. The class is co-sponsored by the City of Pasadena Human Services & Recreation Department. Contact the City of Pasadena Human Services and Recreation Department at (626) 744-6525 to find out when the next class is scheduled.

Learning With Horses – Learning with Horses is a horsemanship class that was created for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pasadena, inspired by the Horsemanship 101 class.  The class meets every Thursday afternoon from 4 pm to 5 pm for eight weeks.  Ten children from the Boys and Girls club attend each session with a supervising staff member to learn about horses in hands-on groundwork lessons. Some of the topics covered include grooming, the parts of the horse, and the difference between English and Western riding styles. For some children, the class is an exciting first introduction to horses.  For other children with family members who own horses, the class is an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and appreciation for these majestic animals.  On the final two sessions, the children have the opportunity to ride as a grand finale to the class.